I help professional and training actors at all levels of the profession to free their most authentic, expressive and healthy voice.

I also train barristers, politicians, poets, bankers, pilots, tour-guides and CEOs to do the same.


I am a specialist in training the performance of complex text, drawing on my knowledge of rhetoric, storytelling, verse and classical text.

I also work internationally as a speaker coach and speech writer at board level. 


I help actors to clarify and muscularise their speech, to soften a native accent, and to adopt a myriad of new ones.

I also help non-actors to overcome mumbling, lack of clarity and strongly accented speech.

Morwenna Rowe

Morwenna Rowe is a voice coach of 15 years experience, one of a rare group of professionally recognised voice coaches working in the UK. She has worked for the UK's leading drama schools (RADA, Royal Central, Oxford) and founded Speak Easily, London's leading voice and accent consultancy, in 2007. An expert in text, rhetoric and storytelling, equally applicable to actors learning Shakespeare or CEOs writing speeches, Morwenna is also a recognised specialist in voice production, physical alignment and release. Her unique accent reduction method has been taught to over 1000 satisfied clients.


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